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Music Moving at Light Speed in Media: Does Music Journalism Operate too Fast?

11:23 AMRachel Dely

We've been blessed with a lot of new music lately within the last month or so major artists like Rhianna, Drake, and Beyonce have given us all new projects to tune into. (...we're still waiting on you Mr. Frank Ocean)

With new releases today we see a frenzy on media, twitter goes CRAZY, social media is BUZZING all in a matter of minutes, even seconds after the release.

Music has proven itself to be viable content for media (online and print). Music not only sells but it also reads and writes... really well. However, do we really take the time to appreciate the music we are given?

Beyonce's album dropped Saturday night and before the wee hours of Sunday morning you could google the album and already find reviews.  How sway! It took me days of re-listening and watching the album to truly digest it and form a true opinion on it. Everytime I listened to the album I found something new to hold onto. My understanding of it was much deeper and mature a couple days later than it was when I first listened to it Saturday night.

When it comes to music, media operates too FAST. 

With the internet and social media working at such a fast pace reviews, and critics are losing it a bit. Music comes out in a snap, and then next thing you know within the same night blogs and just about every media company is rolling out with their reviews and articles sharing their opinions on the work.
Are they sharing their genuine opinion or are they just trying to be one of the first ones to say something valuable about the album? Even if they are sharing their genuine opinion did they really take the time create a valid argument?

Just as quickly as you can refresh your twitter feed and see the newest and most recent tweets featured on your timeline, you can do the same on Google and websites for music reviews after an album release. We are seeing journalism trying to operate at the pace of social media. fast-pace. With this idea of fast-pace journalism we are missing out on true content!

If an artists spent months and weeks crafting lyrics and producing an album are you REALLY able to capture all of their messages and form an opinion in a matter of hours...sometimes even minutes?

It takes time to fall in love with the songs and the lyrics, and people consume too fast. 

The same applies to the "general public" too. People start tweeting and praising an album on social media partly to share their opinion but mainly to join in on the twitter "family moment" and be apart of the conversation.  I find myself saying "calm down" way too many times in these circumstances. You have to listen to album more than once before you can truly get an opinion..more than once people! 

We understand that theres a certain algorithm with modern day media you really only have a small window of time to talk about something before it becomes "old" news. However, I would appreciate a review that came out days later that is thoughtful with a valid argument than one that was "conveniently" ready shortly after the release.

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