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What the Grammy Awards 2016 Said About Our Music Industry Today

10:44 AMRachel Dely

Music's biggest night was jam packed with the industry's most talented and successful ready to celebrate this past years' success. Even with a few great moments, ratings were lower than years past. So, on the grand scheme of things what does that mean?

On social media it seemed to be that people were complaining about the show being a bit lackluster; one of the hashtags on my Twitter feed was #grammyssodry. With views plunging it poses the question, are the GRAMMYs/ The Recording Academy at fault or does the lack of pizzazz have to do with the state of the current music industry?

Truthfully, I do not think the GRAMMYs are to be blamed.

People tend to wonder why artists like Taylor Swift keep walking away with an armful of awards each year but yet, certain artists remain unacknowledged. You can't necessarily put this blame on the Recording Academy either. Fortunately and unfortunately, nowadays the prowess of an artist can't only be measured by the quality of their music, social outreach and popularity has a lot to do with an artists' overall success. Its not only whether or not music can make it through airwaves but how and if artists can obtain a sense of popularity through various media realms particularity social media.

Do people know of them? Are people talking about them on social media? How many different audiences can they reach out to? Are they a trending subject on social media?

Although prestigious awards like the GRAMMYS are not necessarily measured by social outreach as some other awards may be nonetheless,  as mentioned above how well your music is received on media (if at all) has a lot to do with how much your music sells, how much streams it receives etc.  and consequently, how many awards you win.

Check out viewership and social media stats for the 2016 Grammy's

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