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Rethinking the Music Industry, Music & Technology

11:06 PMRachel Dely
Beyonce Drake featured

Music Moving at Light Speed in Media: Does Music Journalism Operate too Fast?

11:23 AMRachel Dely
2016 album release Beyonce

LEMONADE: For the People Who Don't Get It

12:53 AMRachel Dely
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What the Grammy Awards 2016 Said About Our Music Industry Today

10:44 AMRachel Dely
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What You Really Need to be Dressing Well For...

7:42 PMRachel Dely
2016 featured media

Digital Media Trends For 2016

1:40 AMRachel Dely
2016 featured Inspiration

Sweet 2016/New Years Resolutions

1:27 AMRachel Dely
2015 featured Inspiration

Lessons Spiritually Learned in 2015

5:09 PMRachel Dely

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